Tickets to more than 150 venues of Budapest

L​ocated on Budapest’s​ main shopping street, Violin Travel’s​ Downtown Ticket Office is the perfect place to begin your exploration of ​Budapest’s rich cultural life​. Browse our programmes ​and choose from a wide array of classical music concerts, folk music performances, musicals, dance shows, museums and sightseeing tours, a broad selection every day. Our experienced staff will help you to find the best programmes for day and evening.

Please note that ticket availability can change quickly throughout the day ​so we suggest visiting our Ticket Office upon arrival to bring out the best from your stay in Budapest.

Violin Travel Ltd.

+36 1 797 3535

H-1052 Budapest, Haris köz 1. (Váci street corner)

Open every day 10am-8pm

Our services include​

  • Concert tickets to​ more than 150 cultural Budapest ​venues
  • ​Concert information
  • Tickets to Budapest’s leading museums
  • ​S​ightseeing tours by foot, bus, and ​boat cruise
  • ​E​xcursions to​ the Danube Bend, Gödöllő, Puszta-Hortobágy, Vienna, among others​
  • ​S​ouvenirs made by Hungarian artists and designers
  • ​G​uidebooks, maps, CD​s