“Music was and is an essential part of daily life in Hungary.”

Sir George Solti

Indeed music is, always has been, and ever will be, woven into the very fabric of everyday life in Budapest and Hungary. Here at Violin Travel, music is at the heart of what we do: offering a dynamic and innovative concept in cultural tourism, granting our clients firsthand experience of the richness of Hungary’s world-famous cultural life, providing flexible, personalized and responsive service, and the opportunity to connect with professionals of vast experience in the fields of music, art and culture. We seek to initiate our clients into the world of Hungary’s performing arts and classical music, and to provide them an authentic, person-to-person experience of Hungary’s robust classical music heritage and its famed institutions.

Among the services we offer are tailor-made, behind-the-scenes cultural programmes, key classical music events, sightseeing tours, the coordination of itineraries for individuals and groups, including hotel reservations, transportation, walking tours, vehicle rental, logistical support, and any other special requirements that our cultural travelers might need.

What characterises our unique service is our close working relationship with distinguished professionals and emerging talent in the fields of music and the arts: professors from the Liszt Academy, historians of art and music, and brilliant young musicians. Our knowledgeable and enthusiastic local tour guides bring the past to life with engaging stories of Budapest’s illustrious cultural history, its architecture, and legends of its classical music heritage.

Come explore with us the heritage of Hungarian classical music! Join musicians, musical experts, local guides and art historians as they take you on unique interactive multi-day programmes and walking tours to explore our spectacular Budapest.

Our Vision

To strengthen our position as the leading cultural tourism company in Hungary, providing highest quality, creative, innovative, and competitive services focusing on Hungary’s performing arts and classical music heritage.

Our Mission

We are a team that creates unique, tailor-made travel experiences, providing services that exceed client expectation. Our goal is to inspire people from around the globe to discover Budapest as a premier classical music destination and to open their imagination to the past, present, and future of Budapest and Hungary through its vibrant cultural and musical heritage. Through our tours and programmes we aim to show our guests how music continues to be a vibrant integral part of life in Budapest.

Our Values

  • Our company aspires to provide a highly personalised travel experience, and to thus become an engine of cultural tourism in Budapest and Hungary. Our staff is our driving force and the source of inspiration to Hungarian touristic professionals, providing quality in the field of classical music and arts heritage.
  • Knowledgeable and enthusiastic local guides lead the tours, telling about the history, architecture, and legends of Budapest’s classical music heritage.
  • Violin Travel sets up exclusive representation with cultural venues on the tourism world market: from urban palaces, to churches, concert venues, museums, hidden and unhidden treasures of the visual and performing arts in Budapest.
  • We offer enchanting, one-of-a-kind concerts and tour programmes that will deepen our visitors’ appreciation for Liszt, Bartók, Kodály, and other musical giants who create Hungary’s rich musical past, as we invite guests to visit the very places where these immortal composers lived, loved and worked.
  • An unrivalled cultural experience is guaranteed by our team of experts: professors of the Liszt Academy, knowledgeable and passionate art and music historians, emerging musical talents. We are particularly proud to support Budapest’s talented young musicians as they prepare for success in their solo careers on the world stage.