Visit to the Museum of Music History with a piano concert

The Museum of Music History is located in the Buda Castle are, in a beautiful Baroque building, built between 1750-1769 just a few minutes away from the Fischermen's Bastillon. The exhibition of teh Museum shows many personal belongings, instruments and music sheets of famous Hungarian composers such as Liszt, Bartók, Dohnányi and Lajtha.

The exhibition also includes information of the folk song and music collecting work of Kodály and Bartók. You can also see famous instruments of the composers, for examplae Béla Bartók's Boesendorfer piano.

Program inlcudes

Guided tour in the Museum by an expert guide, a private classical music concert on Bartók's piano in the concert hall, which is situated on the first floor of the Museum and from it's window one can see the breathtaking panorama of the Pest side of the city with the Parliament building.

Duration is taliored to the group's needs, optional lecture is also available about the Hungarian composers.