Herend Porcelain manufactory’s history goes back to 1826 when Vince Stingl founds the Herend Plant. Since then the factory was producing the highest quality fine porcelain. In the year 1999 the Minimanufactory was opened, where the visitors can get an insight into the secrets of porcelain-making. Besides the secrets of porcelain-making one can see the largest collection of Herend Porcelain in the Museum and if one would like to become a porcelain maker, even just for a little time, one can take the raw porcelain paste or the painting brush into his hands, and the workshops will give the imagination a free flight.

Program includes

  • Transfer to Herend (140 km) and back
  • Admission to the Visitor Centre and the Museum
  • Optional: porcelain decoration workshop
  • Optional: lunch in the Manufactory’s restaurant
  • Expert guide