Hungary has always been best known for the sweet wines created in the region of Tokaj in the North East of the country. It was this Tokaji Aszú that was sought out by the French and Russian Courts and the Habsburgs.  But Tokaj is not the only wine region – we have 22 different regions famous about their wines, where vivid, exciting wine culture awaits you.  Vineyards are experimenting with new blends, new grape varieties in unfamiliar regions, and rediscovering lost varietals – with spectacular results.

We are offering spectacular venues for an exclusive wine-tasting program either one of the popular restaurants up in the Buda Castle district, or in Opera Cafe or a private salon of the unrivalled building of the Hungarian State Opera. Not only the venue but the wines to taste are also optional : reds or whites or Tokaji Aszú or the wines of one region – it’s up to the group’s taste.

Programme includes

  • specially trained guide
  • stylish venue either on Pest or Buda side of the city
  • a sommelier’s lecture about the wines
  • carefully selected wines to taste
  • fingerfood to go with the wine