Music is, always has been, and ever will be, woven into the very fabric of everyday life in Budapest and Hungary. Here at Violin Travel, music is at the heart of what we do: offering a dynamic and innovative concept in cultural tourism, granting our clients firsthand experience of the richness of Hungary’s world-famous cultural life, providing flexible, personalised and responsive service, and the opportunity to connect with professionals of vast experience in the fields of music. We know that music crosses all boundaries and creates friendships between cultures. We seek to initiate our clients into the world of Hungary’s performing arts and classical music, and to provide them an authentic, person-to-person experience of Hungary’s robust classical music heritage and its famed institutions.

We are pleased to prepare tailor-made packages throughout Hungary and provide special services, unique performance and workshop opportunities for our musician and choir partners. Whatever the musical experiences you’re searching for, Violin Travel will help you to prepare the perfect choir or orchestra tour opportunities, and find the best venues and contributors.
Apart from full concert organization and performances, our company creates exceptional travel experiences, multi-day programs for choirs and orchestras which can be set up according to the partner’s specification and requirements.

Our services include

  • venue booking
  • site inspection
  • technical venue details
  • technical coordination
  • contracting
  • ticketing
  • audience management
  • professional whole-scale organisation
  • full tourism services during the tour (accommodation, transfers, restaurants, additional programs)
  • workshops, meetings with conductors, musicians and choirs
  • visits to the Liszt Academy of Music
  • behind-the-scenes programs of the city’s concert halls
  • lectures about Hungarian music heritage
  • visiting the memorial houses of famous Hungarian composers

For further details please contact us directly and ask for our venue list and sample packages.